Kajiki Origami2
Kajiki Origami
Color: cyan
Plot: Shinken Blue
Season: Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
Kajiki Origami

Kajiki Origami (舵木折神, Kajiki Origami?): A cyan-colored marlin support Origami summoned from the Kajiki Disk, the Kajiki Origami uses its bill as a sword and can fire its Marlin Torpedoes (舵木魚雷, Kajiki Gyorai?) at the enemy. Lost in the previous war with the Gedoushu, the Kajiki Origami swam the ocean until Ryunosuke finds the Origami's location and fishes it out using a reel powered by a Secret Disk labeled with the kanji for "to catch" (捕, toraeru?), binding the Origami to it. It forms part of the left wing and tail of DaiTenku.