Season: Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
Gozunagumo II
Gozunagumo form

Gozunagumo (ゴズナグモ, Gozunagumo?, 23-24): Gozunagumo is a spider-like Ayakashi who is unwilling to continue taking orders from Doukoku. Gozunagumo recruits Shitari to aid him in disposing of Doukoku by finding out what the sealing character is. Though he overpowered the vassals, to give Shitari time to get the Sealing Character from Takeru, Gozunagumo is sucked back to the Rokumon Junk, as the newly awakened Doukoku punishes him for his attempt on him by infusing him with his power, turning the Ayakashi into a mindless beast as he destroyed by Super Shinken Red and then destroyed by Daikai Shinken-Oh with the IkaTenku Buster. His appearance is the basis of the Ushi-oni (牛鬼?) of Japanese myth.