Fūsen Banki
Fusen Banki
Episode: 1600
Season: Engine Sentai Go-onger

Fūsen Banki (フーセンバンキ Fūsen Banki?, 21): Referred as the "Tiger of Balloons", this balloon (風船 fūsen?) Savage Sky Barbaric Machine Beast rubbery body made him immune to most physical attacks as well as use his balloons in his "Jet Balloons" and "Balloon Bombs" attacks. Fūsen Banki was sent by Kitaneidas to give off his smog-filled balloons to children, until the Go-on Wings drove him off. However, Hiramechimedes has Fūsen Banki use his inflation power on Bomper and target him so the Go-ongers would get hurt protecting him. However, Seiku-Oh's interference ruins the plan as it scraps the Savage Machine Beast.