An Org Spirit can acquire a physical form by fusing into an inanimate object, transforming into a creature based on the object and can assume its original form for disguise. The Orgs of modern day that are multi-horned desire to become Duke Orgs themselves, usually accepting the offer a Duke Org gives them in return for their own desires coming true. Whenever an Org is killed, TsueTsue would wield her staff at the oozy remnants, chanting as the Org Seeds spit out of the staff and onto the puddle, recreating the Org as a giant. Only one Org survived after created and defeated. Samuel's Org can fuse with the stranges orb called Org Orbs. It allow it fuse into different Orgs. In video game Gaoranger Org Melee, You can create the Orgs and create the Orbs inculding movie ghost after beating Last Org to fuse into new Orgs. In movie Gaorangers: Gao Org vs Turban, Org can fuse Advanced Org to defeat Master MK2.

It was shown that when an org dies, its soul goes into an org afterlife realm known as Ogre Hell.