Bōseki Banki
Boseki Banki
Episode: 1601
Season: Engine Sentai Go-onger

Bōseki Banki (ボーセキバンキ Bōseki Banki?, 22): A spinning mule (紡績機械 bōseki kikai?) Savage Earth Barbaric Machine Beast sent by Yogostein to aid Hiramechimedes in his plan by making a pretend assassination attempt on his life, able to fire streams of yarn string to immobilize her enemy in her Shuuraiya attack. However, once Hiramechimedes springs his trap, she undergoes "Original Industrial Revolution" (元祖産業革命 Ganso Sangyō Kakumei?) to lay the deathblow on Seiku-Oh before being the first Savage Machine Beast to be scrapped by Engine-Oh G9.